Visiting Scholar

Studies HIV/AIDS

Seeking the "best information and minds" dealing with HIV and AIDS treatment, Ghanaian physician Marina G. Anderson, M.D., who has been working in Botswana, visited BIDMC for several months this spring as part of the Visiting Scholar's Exchange Program. 

Begun in 2001 with the Foundation for African Relief (FAR), the program is part of the AIDS Collaborative Project, which fosters teamwork between health professionals in Africa, their BIDMC counterparts and the Harvard medical community in a strategic fight against Africa's HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Anderson has been working in Botswana for six years. She earned a master's degree in public health at Harvard School of Public Health in 2003, followed by a Fogarty Training Fellowship in immunology and infectious disease at the Harvard AIDS Institute. While in Boston, Anderson has been attending clinics at BIDMC and Dimock Community Health Center, and studying HIV management techniques.

"I have gained a wealth of information here that will be very valuable and allow me to better contribute when I return to Africa," she says. "I thank all my preceptors at BIDMC for making this a very valuable experience." 

Staff members who served as preceptors for Anderson include Bela Bashar, M.D., infectious disease, Dimock Community Health Center; Elisa Choi, M.D., infectious disease; Camilla Graham, M.D., infectious disease; Igor Koralnik, M.D., neurology; Howard Libman, M.D., general medicine/Healthcare Associates; John Doweiko, M.D., infectious disease; and Joyce Sackey, M.D., general medicine/Healthcare Associates, and director of the Visiting Scholar's Exchange Program.