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Ghana Visits BIDMC

George Frimpong, M.D., of Ghana travelled to BIDMC this summer to participate in the medical center's visiting scholar program. Launched last year, the program is in collaboration with the Foundation for African Relief, and is part of the AIDS Collaborative Project, which fosters collaboration between health professionals in Ghana, their BIDMC counterparts and the Harvard medical community, in a strategic fight against Ghana's HIV/AIDS epidemic. While at BIDMC Frimpong attended an HIV Update course and learned from BIDMC physicians in the Healthcare Associates (HCA) HIV Unit and the infectious disease division. "It was an exciting program -- very informing and mind-opening," said Frimpong, a member of the AIDS Collaborative Project who co-founded AIDS ALLY, a non-government organization in Ghana that provides clinical care for HIV/AIDS patients. "Thanks to this program, I think that I'm going to be a very important resource for HIV care in Ghana." Pictured above: (Front row, l-r): Joanne Schulze, administrative coordinator, HCA; Joyce Sackey, M.D., HCA, co-founder of the Foundation for African Relief and director of the AIDS Collaborative Project; Frimpong; Kimberly Kroeger, HIV case manager, HCA; Lauren Gabovitch, community resource specialist, HCA; Kwaku Acheampong, co-founder of Foundation for African Relief. (Back row, l-r): Richard Stuver, L.I.C.S.W., clinical social worker, HCA; David Rind, M.D., HCA; Igor Koralnik, M.D., neurology; Rafael Campo, M.D., HCA; Susan Krikorian, pharmacy.